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Supply of Computers, Accessories and Consumables

Arcnet Technologies are always ready to help you to decide which computer or component will best suit your needs and budget. We will check your computer and give our professional opinion as to what improvements would benefit you. If you are in the market for a computer, we can advise you regarding sizes and configurations that will enable you to accomplish what you need to accomplish.

Remember, it doesn't cost anything to ask, and you may save considerable time and money. Our technicians will professionally install and set up hardware in your computer (either purchased from us or from other sources) with very competitive prices. This includes things like modems, memory, drives, network cards, video cards, sound cards or externals like printers or zip drives. All work is 100% guaranteed. Of course quotes are available anytime by email or by telephone and fax.

Network Setup and Support

Arcnet Technologies provide a family of comprehensive network management tools that present innovative methods for consistently and centrally managing critical network characteristics such as availability, responsiveness, resilience, and security.

We can provide total network installation and configuration, aiding you with your infrastructure design and purchase decisions. We install the cabling, the routers and switches, and the servers and workstations. We answer the phone immediately to support any questions that may arise. We can monitor and even correct issues remotely, or provide site assistance if required.

  • LAN Network Installations
  • Installation of Servers, Workstations, Switches, Premise Cabling and wireless connections.
  • WAN Network Installations
  • Installation of Routers, Bridges, CSU/DSU, using ISDN, Frame relay, and other digital services.
  • Systems/Network Design, Analysis and Maintenance
  • Consultation for your network design, performance and maintenance.

Office Automation

We supply software designed specifically to help businesses manage payroll, human resource management and school management systems with the objective of enabling you to process virtually any computerized labour intensive task, faster, easier, and more cost effectively. We are committed to providing the best value available backed by quality after sales service and support. Our sophisticated, comprehensive software packages make some of the most complex, time-consuming tasks you face as simple as a few keystrokes.

Computer Repair and Maintenance

We have trained staff capable of doing repairs on all makes of computers and computer components. You will receive a quote before any work is started, and no changes in that quote will occur without your approval. Most repairs are completed the same day if the computer is brought in before noon. Our staff can also do on-site repairs in your office.

Furthermore, we can inspect your computer and advise changes or additions that will improve your computing experience. Software Provision and Support Arcnet Technologies sell and install all kinds of software. We can configure your system for optimal usage of that software and we can even arrange regular training sessions (one on one, group, or corporate in your offices) so that you can realise the full potential of your new software.

I.S. & I.T. is important today in ways that were not even thought of twenty years ago. We understand the importance I.T. holds, and we take your investment in it seriously. Because of this, the heart and soul of our business is understanding what you need and building upon it to make what you want. Based in the heart of Nairobi’s Central Business District we build solutions for businesses large and small. Whether the building blocks are hardware or software, chances are that we can build a solution for your problem - within your budget. There is no reason to build a full-fledged I.S. or I.T. department when chances are you can have almost all the advantages of both at a fraction of the cost.

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